1. As a project of The Laz Institute, this work is designed as a result of 20 planned and many unplanned interviews that are held with the people who are living inheritors of Laz culture between 2016-2017. 47 different Laz folk songs that are told in traditional environments like collective works, wedding ceremonies and funerals, in which cultural production is built, are compiled from the sources. Also, 2 epic recordings that İsmail Avcı Bucaklişi compiled in 2008 July are used in this documentary.  The documentary consists of the interview and folk song videos that are recorded during the field work.


Compiled and Prepared by: Onur Kahveci

Project Name: “A Fiedlwork On Traditional Laz Music”

Documentary Name: Jilemona “Traditional Laz Music Documentary”

Editing and Montage: Aslı Ertürk

Subtitle: Onur Kahveci, Abide Kahveci, Gülten Balcı, Selen Balcı



I owe a debt of gratitude to İsmail Avcı Bucaklişi who contributed a lot in shaping the project idea, to the board members Mustafa Sonbay, Ali Hacıibrahimoğlu, Hilmi Hacaloğlu, to Murat Ercan Murğulişi who enabled me to find my sources during the field work, to Yalçın Kuyumcu, Ali Kuyumcu, Ramazan Kosanoğlu Klemurişi, Ali Gümüş, Hatice Şahin, to Sinan Serin who provided full support both in reaching the sources and in the project process and who shared his drone and camera records in “Horon” part,  to Şeref Kahveci, Ömer Kahveci and Vezir Yazgan who helped me in transportation, to Cemal Kahveci and Adem Akatin who helped me in reaching the sources, To Atakan Özyurt, Murat Kurkut, Gönül Kurkut, Gülten Balcı, Selen Balcı, Abide Kahveci, İbrahim Kahveci, Ali Sarı, Yılmaz Güloğlu’s son Mr. Muzaffer and his grandaughter Zeynep who contributed in preparation of the work,  to Nazım Kus, Fatma Şahin, Meryem Kahveci, Gülsüm Kahveci, Havva Kuyumcu, Havva Akatın, Bakiye Kuyumcu, Hatice Kuyumcu, Ruksan Yenigün, Yılmaz Güloüğlu and Ahmet Ali Yeniçırak who are the actual heroes of the project.

Many thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Gonca Girgin who provided full support from the very beginning of the project, to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu Yıldız Ataş who supported me in the process of the project, to my dear professors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Belma Kurtişoğlu and Dr. Serkan Şener who always stand by me, to Prof. Songül Karahasanoğlu and to all the professors in ITU Turkish Music Conservatory Musicology Department

Onur Kahveci



Mail adress: onurkahveci53@gmail.com

* “Jilemona” means backyard or the yard close to home in Laz language. Havva Akatın was expressing her sorrow by saying “E verane jilemona livadi skani dixo muti var uğun tadi” in her epic for her daugther-in-law as she cannot go to that yard because she lost her daughter-in-law. Contrary to what is known, traditional Laz music is remained hidden, kept in the background and unfortunately is about to extinct. “Jilemona” is the folk songs which we refrain from mentioning even we remember time to time, from which we get further away, which we keep in the backyard.

© All Rights Belong To The Laz Institute and Onur Kahveci.

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